Allergy-friendly Halloween Spider Cake

Bake and decorate my allergy-friendly Halloween Spider Cake and listen to the screams of “AHHH!  THAT IS SO CUTE!”

This cake is perfect for the decorating challenged and a great project you and the kiddos can do together.  All allergy-friendly candy used is dairy, egg and nut free and were purchased at the dollar store, with the exception of the Wilton eyeballs (carried at Target and Michael’s).  Yes, this cake is vegan also!  This particular cake won 3rd place at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair.  I’m on the hunt for whoever won 1st and 2nd so I can break their kneecaps in congratulate them on their win.

How to make your own kick-ass allergy-friendly spider cake:

1. Start by baking your favorite allergy-friendly cake in a round Pyrex glass bowl, or round cake pan if you’ve got one (I used a medium sized one).  Spray liberally with non-stick cooking spray and a dusting of flour before pouring the batter in.  You may need to bake a little longer than the directions suggest- test by sticking a toothpick in the center.  When it comes out clean, you’re done!  Invert the cake onto a wire rack and cool completely before frosting.

2. Whip up a batch of your favorite allergy friendly frosting and then tint it black with black food coloring gel.  You’re going to have to use a lot to get an intense black color.  Warning- your poop may turn an alarming shade of WTF if you eat too much (if you’re like my husband and sneak bites of frosting by the spoonful).  Afraid of seeing technicolor poop the next day?  Try tinting the frosting purple.  Or green.  Or use chocolate frosting.  Or try using self control and not eat so much frosting.  Or just don’t freak out when you look in the toilet.  Sheeesh.

3. Cover your cake generously with the black frosting, mounding more on top so your spider doesn’t have a flat top.  Use a star tip in a decorating bag (I like Wilton tip #16) and pipe stars all over the cake.  Don’t have cake tips and a decorating bag?  Don’t worry!  You can also use the back of a spoon by whacking it on the cake and pulling straight up to create spikes or “fur”.  Do this all around the cake until you have an even texture.

4. Now comes the best part.  Using a butter knife, make 8 slits around the cake and insert 8 black licorice in for the legs.  For this cake I used mint Oreos with the tops off and stuck in a bunch of Wilton candy eyeballs into the green centers for the spider’s eyes.  In the past I’ve used two large marshmallows with black frosting dots for the eyes, which turned out equally as cute.  Next I used some little white bone candy for the mouth that I found at the dollar store.  You could also pipe some red frosting or stick in some allergy-friendly candy corn or Red Hots (get creative- the possibilities are endless). Lastly I used purple Mike and Ike’s around the base to finish it off.  Ta-da!  You now have yourself a super awesome allergy-friendly spider cake for Halloween.

Spider webs not included.

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